TAG Construction Group believes that if you can imagine it - we can do it with glass! Modern architectural glass advances make the options near endless.

Architectural glass can come in many forms whether it be walls, floors, staircases, stair treads, guard rails, glass stringers - your imagination is the limit.

We offer custom sand blast etching and glass can also be painted, laminated or edged. Prints and fabrics can be inserted between glass panels for improved aesthetic effect.

Innovative Architectural Glass

Glass is a material that can be adapted and designed according to your aesthetic tastes. At TAG Construction Group, we offer innovative architectural glass for a number of applications.

Whether you need glass walls, glass shower doors or glass entry doors, we have what you need in terms of selection and design.

Laminated Architectural Glass

TAG Construction Group offers a wide range of laminated glass for interior and exterior use. Laminated architectural glass is a preferred material because of its strength and safety features.

In fact, laminated glass provides much-needed protection against man-made threats and natural disasters such as forced entry and/or hurricanes.